What? Where? When?

“Cruisin 4 Christ car show is Saturday, June 29th.
See bulletin board for donation details. Talk to Charlie for other details.
Please help this ministry if you can.
Homecoming is June 30th. We are having a potluck dinner after service. Come celebrate as we welcome the singing group “Blessed Hope”
We are doing an aluminum can drive to fund the van. Please
bring in any spare cans you have.
June pantry needs are Tuna and other canned meat.
Upcoming events
Wednesday Night dinner @ 5:45
Children are free and adults 2 dollars
Choir Practice Sunday Night @ 5 pm
Wed. night Bible Study @ 6:30 pm
Sun. Night worship @ 6 pm


The Stillness of God is perfect
Nothing has to be added to it
Nothing can be taken away
Frederick Long