10 Ways to Get More Involved with Your Church


There are plenty of ways to serve your church.  Your choice of service usually comes down to the amount of time you can commit and where your passions lie.
First, consider your personal interests and skills.  Were you born to teach? Are you great with children? Do you have a knack for community outreach?
In addition to identifying your talents and interests, if helps to listen to those around you.  As you attend worship service, keep your eyes and ears open to the needs of others. 
Often, the key to becoming more involved is simply being present and attuned to the needs of your church community.  
1. Show Up Beyond Worship: Most churches host “extracurricular” events like picnics, study groups, crafting groups, or volunteer days.  If you start showing up to these events, chances are you will see how you can  help out at the next one.
2. Become Part of Weekly Worship: There are many positions available during worship service. No required training at all – just your time and dedication!  Inquire about becoming an usher.
3.  Work with Children: Young Children: If you enjoy working with children, volunteer for nursery duty or ask how you can help in Sunday School.  If you have the appropriate skills and experience with young people, you may even be able to become a Sunday School teacher.  Youth groups and Vacation Bible School are other great opportunities to volunteer with the younger members of your parish.
4.  Become a Teacher: Teaching is the best way to learn, and leading others in studying Scripture can deepen your own connection to your faith. 
5.  Join Committees within the church: Council, Youth/Children, Fellowship and Decorating Committees. Volunteer your time to help plan events. 
7.  Maintain the Premises: A well-kept space can add great value to worship activities.  If you are handy, offer to provide regular or on-call maintenance; even if you don’t have specific skills.  If your church has a garden or grounds, offer to weed, cut grass, or maintain flower beds.
8.  Stay Connected to Fellow Members: Chances are there are members of your church who haven’t been able to attend a service in a while.  Or maybe they have, but they are struggling with something outside of church.  If there’s someone who needs extra support outside of worship services, connect with them and ask how you can help.  
9.  Offer Tech Support: If you are tech-savvy, you can help your church lead worship by maintaining the sound system, video projector, live streaming and update members through social media. 
10.  Raise your Voice in Song: Do you love to sing? Inquire about joining the praise team or choir.